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Sam Davies

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Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

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    Sam Davies a yachtswoman with a social conscience

    Sam, a talented and highly experienced skipper,
    has sailed on every sea. Her commitment
    to ocean racing is an example to everyone.
    She loves to share the joys of being at sea.
    As a young mother, she is very proud of making
    her contribution to the Initiatives-Cœur project
    in which she defies the oceans to save children.

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    A new boat
    built for racing.

    Initiatives-Cœur’s beautiful story lead
    by Sam since 2017, will continue until 2025
    with a new boat which will be launched
    in the summer 2022. This boat will be more
    efficient than the current Initiatives-Cœur,
    and will enable Sam to remain competitive
    in a fast-growing IMOCA fleet, let alone
    to carry the Initiatives-Cœur’s solidarity
    motive to the highest.

    About the boat

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    since 2008 363
    children saved

    Discover the incredible adventure that enables children with heart diseases to be operated on thanks to the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque charity

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