Samantha Davies

Sam Davies

Sam was born on 23rd August 1974 in Portsmouth, England, into a seafaring family. Her grandfather was a submarine commander. She took her first steps on her parents' boat. An engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge, Sam began her career in competition sailing at the age of 24 with her first round-the-world crewed race (Jules Verne Trophy, 1998).

Enthusiastic and communicative, Sam loves sharing his passion for the sea with the public. She has one child and lives in Brittany.

Achievements :

28 Transatlantic

3 complete round the world races

3 participations in the Vendée Globe

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navigator with big heart

Navigator with big heart

Since 2017, Sam's commitment has saved 200 children with heart disease thanks to his commitment to humanitarian missions and his enthusiastic communication during his classes.

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Team initiatives coeur

The Initiatives-Coeur team

Sam has all the support she needs to meet her goals. Whether it's engineering, electronics, outfitting or rigging, they know what they're doing.