Web Series - Initiatives-Cœur

Documentary series

construction of the boat

  • Episode 1


    What boat for the next 2024 around the world race?

    Continuing to lead the race is essential for Samantha Davies. The Initiatives-Coeur project needs the media in order to raise awareness and to collect donations to save children with heart disease. To build a high-performance boat, everything starts from the drawing board with naval architect Sam Manuard.

  • Episode 2


    Assembling the hull and deck

    At the shipyard, everyone is busy working on the resin moulds, carbon fibres and structural partitions that will soon form the new Imoca Initiatives-Cœur. Each stage is essential to build this Formula 1 boat, which must be both solid and light.

  • Episode 3


    Painting the boat

    The Initiatives-Cœur team in Lorient is not short of work to finalise Sam Davies' race boat. They are fitting the cap, drilling for the fittings, sanding and painting the boat.

  • Episode 4


    Foil manufacture

    An essential part of the performance of racing monohulls. Designed by the architect, the foils are made of carbon fibres to be both strong and tolerant of deformation. Torsion tests are important to ensure their solidity.

  • Episode 5


    Making and painting sails

    Do you know how the sails of a racing boat are made and painted? In this episode, discover the new face that will adorn the main sail of Initiatives-Cœur. The portrait of Naylah was created by the painter Titouan Lamazou, UNESCO ambassador for peace, who is also the famous sailor who won the 1st edition of endée Globe in 1990.

  • Teaser


    From dream to reality

A family at heart

  • Episode 1


    Welcoming a sick child

    The role of host families is essential in the great chain of solidarity of the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association. These families agree to welcome sick children during their stay in France which lasts approximately 2 months. A beautiful adventure which they bear witness to with sensitivity.

  • Episode 2


    Open heart surgery

    Hosts families have an incredible role to play in supporting the children right up to their operations. In this great chain of solidarity to save children left in the care of Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, staff in the caring system also play an essential role.

  • Episode 3


    Going back home after the operation

    The outcome of open heart surgery are often spectacular. A child can now run, play as normal. That is the sign that marks the end of the child's stay in France. An emotional time for all, as experienced by the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque host families.


Embark with those who care for children

Sam Davies went to meet the nursing staff at the Marie Lannelongue Hospital who work in the shadows to care for and reassure sick children who come to have heart surgery in France without their families. Thank you to all the Cardiopediatrics teams: consultation, hospitalization, operating room, resuscitation, imaging at Marie Lannelongue Hospital.

Humanitarian mission in Burundi

Sam Davies, ambassador for Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, accompanied a medical team from the association to Burundi during a 6-day humanitarian mission. 120 families came for consultation, including 60 children for follow-up, and 60 children for a first consultation, in the hope of support.