In this original project, the Initiatives-Cœur's partners are both financial and sports sponsors. As sports sponsors, they finance the sailboat and provide the operating budget for the sailing team. As financial sponsors, they contribute financially to the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque humanitarian association so that children suffering from serious heart defects can be operated on in France. Since the adventure began in 2012, the Initiatives-Cœur project has saved 208 children (each operation costs €12,000).

Main partners

The main partners provide the operating budget for the sailboat and donate one euro for each new Facebook fan and Instagram follower during the main sailing races.

Franck Vallée
Director of Initiatives
Logo Initiatives

Initiatives-Cœur is Initiative’s solidarity sailing project. For more than 20 years, Initiatives has been helping schools and sports associations to find the additional funds needed to carry out their educational, artistic and sports projects (such as school study trips to the seaside, linguistic trips and purchase of sports equipment).

Each year, Initiatives helps to carry out several tens of thousands of associative projects through various solidarity shopping programmes: flowers, chocolate, children’s drawings, calendars, raffles, etc.

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André Liebot,
President of K•Line
Bruno Léger,
of K•Line
Logo K.line

leading French manufacturer of aluminium joinery, K-LINE manufactures and sells customised windows, sliding doors and front doors, for all types of architectural projects, both new and renovated.

Since its foundation, K-LINE has become a reference in the field thanks to its new window concept which combines excellent heat insulation properties, maximum light transmission and attractive design using minimum materials. A high level of performance that has become its signature.

K-LINE is part of the LIEBOT Group, a family enterprise in the Vendée region, and a leading window and façade producer in France.

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Associate partner

The associate partners provide the means needed to improve the performance of the boat to guarantee her competitiveness and strengthen her solidarity objective. They organise fund-raisers for the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque charity.

Arnaud Grison,
CEO of VINCI Energies

Connection, performance, energy efficiency and data - in a constantly evolving world, VINCI Energies is accelerating the deployment of new technologies to accompany two major changes: the digital transformation and the energy transformation.

Regionally based with an agile-organisation approach, VINCI Energies companies make energy, transport and communication infrastructure, facilities and buildings more reliable, more secure and more efficient every day.

77 500 employees // 1 800 companies // 53 countries

Catherine Houvion,
Delegate Director
of the Alex Olivier
chocolate factory

The Alex Olivier chocolate factory has been making fine chocolates based on french know-how since 1927. It has a fair-trade and organic produce policy so that it can contribute in practical terms to sustainable development.

In partnership with Initiatives, Alex Olivier helps schools to finance their school and community projects through the sale of chocolates.

Technical partners

Musto Julbo Techno Group Visiativ Volvo Gites de France